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4 Things In Your Living Room You Probably Didn?t Know You Could Wash

Your personal touches are what makes a house a home, so knowing how to care for your blankets, throw pillows, rugs and curtains is so important. Wash them the wrong way and you risk altering colors, warping shapes and sizes, or changing textures. Yikes! Here’s everything to know about getting your home accessories clean and keeping them that way—no dry cleaner required.

What You'll Need: Dry Cleaning Detox Kit, Stain Removal Essentials Kit, Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth

Always Begin Here:

For items labeled dry clean, dry clean only, or for fabrics without a care label, always test an inconspicuous area for water reactions before washing. Here’s how to do it.

Pretreat Stains:

All clear? Next step is to spot treat discoloration on your fabrics (If you’re working with a wool rug, skip this step and proceed directly to that section below.). For makeup, lotion, or oil-based discoloration, lather our Wash & Stain Bar with cool water and gently massage it into stains. Stains from, chocolate, wine, coffee, or tea? Apply Stain Solution directly to discoloration and gently work it in with your fingers. Both formulas are safe for delicate fabrics like wool and silk. (Don’t know where the stain came from? We’ve been there. Go ahead and use a mix of both formulas to ensure the splotch comes out completely.) Next, fill up a basin or your bathtub with more cool water—hot water can cause fibers to expand—and soak for no longer than 30 minutes.

How To Clean Wool Throw Blankets

Step 1: Wash It Like This

Pop the blanket in the washing machine with our Wool & Cashmere Shampoo and crank it to the delicate/woolens cycle using cold water.

Step 2: Dry With This Trick

Wool can hold up to a third of its weight in water, so if your blanket is sopping after you remove it from the wash roll it up in a towel or two to soak up the excess. Don’t wring it out—it’ll mess with the shape—then lay it flat and out of direct sunlight to dry.

Step 3: Maintain

Keep your wool spick and span between cleanings with a little air. Whenever you feel like your blanket needs some freshening, go outside, give it a good shake, and hang it somewhere where the air has circulation. This will dislodge any dirt and debris trapped in the fibers. Wait a few hours, then give it a misting of our cedar-scented Wool & Cashmere Spray. Take it down, breathe in the freshness, then go ahead and snuggle up with it on the couch—you’ve earned it!

How To Clean Wool Rugs

Step 1: Shake It Out

Head outside and shake out your rug to loosen any trapped dirt. Stubborn debris? Drape the rug over an outdoor chair or railing and give it a few hits with a broom to uproot leftover debris. If needed, follow up with a quick vacuum.

Step 2: Spot Treat Stains

Depending on the type of stain, spot treat it with our Stain Solution or Wash & Stain Bar (scroll up for which one to use). Avoid rubbing the formula with paper towels or sponges which can leave behind residue; instead, lightly dab the stain with our Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth and repeat process until the stain is lifted. We don’t recommend soaking wool rugs, so dampen another cloth to blot excess soap.

Step 3: Dry

Lay your rug flat to dry to avoid creasing and wait until it’s completely dry before using as normal.

Want to know how to clean a faux fur blanket? Follow the tips here.

How To Clean Throw Pillow Covers

Step 1: Remove The Pillow Cover

Wetting your pillow’s stuffing can cause it to clump up and lose its shape, so don’t skip this step.

Step 2: Test Embroidery For Color Stability

If your pillow cover is embroidered, it’s important to test that part for color stability. Here’s how.

Step 3: Hand Wash With Care

In a sink or basin, hand wash with cool water and two capfuls of Delicate Wash. If your pillow cover is made from wool or cashmere, use Wool & Cashmere Shampoo instead. Swirl the fabric in the water, gently working around fragile embellishments like beading and sequins. Now let the fabric soak for 30 minutes before rinsing with more cool water.

Step 4: Dry This Way

Save the stretching for yoga! To drain excess water, don’t stretch or wring the fabric—it can warp the shape. Instead, press it against a flat surface like the rim of a sink, then lay it in its natural shape to dry. Check that the fabric is totally free of moisture before slipping it back over the stuffing to avoid mildew.

Step 5: Maintain

Once a week, spritz your pillow cover with Delicate Spray to keep odor and bacteria at bay.

How To Clean Curtains

Step 1: Banish Dust

Before cleaning, remove dirt and dust with a small handheld vacuum or your regular vacuum’s nozzle attachment.

Step 2: Wash With These Two Things

Large curtains are difficult to hand wash, so go ahead and place them in your washing machine. First, remove all hardware from the fabric. If your curtains fit, place them in a protective Mesh Bag Bundle. Add our Delicate Wash directly to drum, then wash with cool water on the delicate cycle.

Step 3: Air Dry

Hang curtains to dry or lay them flat.

Step 4: Do Some Weekly Upkeep

Vacuuming your curtains weekly will remove dirt, dust, and mite buildup. Steaming every other week will soften wrinkles and reduce allergenic dust.

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