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How To Store Work Clothes

Work attire in retirement for now? Here’s how to store suits, skirts, dresses, and dress shirts with preservation in mind.

Store Smarter With These Solutions:

Steele Canvas Triple Hamper, Large Zip Laundry Bag, Canvas Extra Large Zip Storage Bag, Canvas Under Bed Storage Bag, Hanging Storage Bag, Lavender Pouch, Fabric Fresh Classic

Know Before You Stow

Before storing, always wash items with the appropriate Laundress detergent according to fabric type. Wash your woolen sweaters with Wool & Cashmere Shampoo, silk and delicate blouses, skirts, and dresses with Delicate Wash, or Signature Detergent for cotton button down shirts, linen pants and tops or other durable synthetics. Proper cleaning will prevent perfume, body products, body oil, food and dirt stains from setting into the fabric, which can cause staining and attract critters. Do not store items that are starched, and consider slipping a few Lavender Pouches into your storage space to keep fabrics smelling fresh.

When it comes to storage containers, never stow items in plastic or cardboard. Plastic containers, cardboard, and dry cleaner bags may look neat, but they are not suitable for long term textile storage as they attract and encourage bugs and bug reproduction.

Items should be stored in a space that’s clean, cool, dark and dry—ideally in a spare closet or bedroom. You should avoid attics or basements as these often humid and damp areas are breeding grounds for moth, mold, and mildew. Extreme temperatures will damage textiles and direct sunlight will fade and deteriorate fabrics as well.

Suits & Blazers

While most of our solutions are suitable for cleaning items considered “dry clean,” structured pieces with linings such as blazers and suits should be cleaned professionally to maintain construction and integrity.

Once cleaned, remove items from plastic dry cleaning bags to ward off yellowing and discoloration. Additionally, dry cleaning uses harsh chemicals that emit gas that plastic can trap. Next, hang suits and blazers on contoured suit hangers—you can find them on Amazon or The Container Store—to maintain garments’ shapes. Wire hangers from the dry cleaner can distort the construction of these structured items. To finish, tuck the pieces into a breathable cotton or canvas storage bag such as our Hanging Storage Bag to protect fabrics from dust, critters, and yellowing during storage.

Dress Shirts, Blouses & Coats

Thick wooden hangers are a smart choice for stowing shirts and jackets. Shirts and jackets should have their top buttons fastened and preferably every other button, too—this will help the garment hold its shape. For delicate or slippery fabrics like silk, use padded or slim hangers with a velvet-like coating. To protect items during long term storage, insert into a Hanging Storage Bag.

Skirts & Pants

Pants and skirts can be folded lengthwise and hung over a hanger rod or hung by the cuff from a trouser hanger with a clamp. If the skirt is delicate or tends to wrinkle, you can use a square of tissue paper between the clip and the fabric as a protective measure. Again, a Hanging Storage Bag will shield your pieces from dust and critters as well as ward off yellowing.

Sweaters, Socks, Stockings & Shoes

Bulkier items like sweaters can be folded (once cleaned and spritzed with Wool & Cashmere Shampoo and Wool & Cashmere Spray) and stashed in a breathable bag to free up some real estate in your closet. Stash shoes and smaller items like socks and stockings into separate bags. Try our Large Zip Laundry Bag, Canvas Extra Large Zip Storage Bag, Canvas Under Bed Storage Bag or Steele Canvas Triple Hamper, depending on the size and quantity of your items and how much storage space you have.


To freshen any musty odors and revive fabrics with the scent of clean, crisp linens, treat them to a few spritzes of Fabric Fresh Classic and a steam.