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How-To | Remove Yellow Armpit Stains from Your White Shirts

We've all been victim to those not-so-cute armpit stains on our favorite white shirts, and InStyle is ready to fight back! They tapped The Laundress to share a foolproof game plan for defeating these stubborn stains.

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Are yellow armpit stains ruining your favorite shirts? Get rid of these stubborn and unsightly stains with the duo of Stain Solution, a powerful stain-fighting solution that removes tough old and new stains, and the All-Purpose Bleach Alternative, a plant-derived, chlorine-free option for getting your whites whiter.

Wondering how to remove yellow sweat stains from other areas? Just follow the same steps for collars and cuffs. Remove armpit stains and proudly wear your lucky tee, favorite blouse, or best fitting button-down with confidence.

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