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How To Remove Urine Stains

Your Baby's Clothing and Diapers Can Be Free from Stains

They say you'll never believe how much laundry a baby generates, but still, you've been surprised, right? Second to spit-up, breast milk, baby pee and poop stains are the most common, and stubborn, stains to remove from your baby's clothes. Why do they make so many white clothes for babies, anyway? Urine does stain clothes, but not permanently, and washing urine out of clothes can be easy. However, as with all stains, The Laundress has you covered, both with the process and the products to make those baby whites (and bright colors!) like new.

Clean and Whiten Your Baby's Clothes with These Steps:

The first step is to soak the whites in hot water and a capful of our All-Purpose Bleach Alternative, which will brighten the clothes and help remove stains. After that first rinse, look at the stains. If they are still evident, treat directly with our Stain Solution – you can also sprinkle on some All-Purpose Bleach Alternative to work into a paste.

Next, soak the diapers or clothes again in hot water with the All-Purpose Bleach Alternative for at least 30 minutes. Repeat as needed. Wash using our Whites Detergent. Alternately, our Baby Detergent is an effective but gentle solution for your baby's laundry.

Make sure not to dry the clothes until you are happy with the stain removal, as drying will set in stains, making them harder to remove. This process will remove the urine stains on cloth diapers, onesies, and other cotton baby clothing.