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How to Remove Odor from Workout Clothes

Are Stinky Exercise Clothes Tripping Up Your Workout?

At The Laundress we hear from clients all the time wanting to know how to remove odor from workout clothes. That?s why we can say with confidence: you?re not the only one worried if your activewear is making your workout funky ? and not in a good way! Our specialized products for sportswear will get your exercise gear into shape in no time, so you have one less thing to distract you when you?re in child?s pose in yoga class.

The Right Laundry Workout for Activewear Will Tackle Odors for Good

Whatever the issue, we?ve got a product to solve it. The Sport Detergent is tough enough to remove perspiration, body odor and stains, but gentle enough to use on activewear materials like spandex, nylon, cotton, and synthetics. The Sport Spray?s antibacterial properties will impart a fresh scent on workout wear in between washes or in shoes and helmets, on yoga mats or gym bags and all your other workout tools by fighting odor-causing bacteria. We recommend pretreating with The Wash and Stain Bar to wash away perspiration stains and deodorant buildup. A presoak in cool water with Scented Vinegar for about 30 minutes will face those odors head on. With this winning combination of products, even your smelly gym bag will be a thing of the past.