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How To Remove Golf Stains & Clean Golf Equipment

A few grass stains and odors are par for the course for golf enthusiasts. When tee time's up and you're ready to clean your golf clothes, shoes, and gear, grab these plant-derived Laundress solutions and score a hole-in-one in the laundry room!

Removing Grass Stains

Grass and dirt stains on golf shoes and clothes can be inevitable, but you’re in the green with our Stain Solution, which targets dissolves tough discoloration on all washable fabrics.

Your grass stains toolkit: Wash Tub Basin, Stain Solution, All-Purpose Bleach Alternative, Stain Brush, Signature Detergent, Sport Detergent

Step 1: First, pour a few drops of ultra-concentrated Stain Solution directly over any grass and dirt marks. Massage the liquid into the fabric using the soft Stain Brush, which will help work the formula deep into fibers.

Step 2: For tough or older, set-in stains on white and light colored fabrics, shake a few All-Purpose Bleach Alternative beads on top of the Stain Solution to create a powerful, stain-fighting paste. Dip the Stain Brush into hot water and massage mixture into the fabric.

Step 3: Soak away! Fill a Wash Tub Basin with warm to hot water, submerge the item, and soak for up to 30 minutes.

Step 4: Launder according to fabric type and color! We love Sport Detergent for athleticwear, and Signature Detergent for cottons. Ensure all grass stains are fully removed before machine drying, otherwise the heat can set the spot into the fabric. If the stain is not fully removed, repeat the above moves.

Clean your golf shoes, too!: To clean and de-stain fabric golf shoes, follow these same stain removal and wash steps. For leather shoes, use a damp Stain Brush to gently buff out excess grass and mud residue, and consult a leather care professional for stain removal.

Cleaning & Freshening Up Golf Gear

As golf season moves into full swing, keep your gear fresh from the fairway to the clubhouse with a few simple cleaning moves!

Gear freshening toolkit: Surface Cleaner, Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth, Stain Brush, Stain Solution, Sport Detergent and Spray Duo

Golf Clubs

Put some shine in your swing with our Surface Cleaner! Loosen up soil, grime, and grass on well-loved clubs by spraying them down from top to bottom with this versatile, fresh-smelling formula that’s free of harsh ammonia and chlorine bleach. Allow the formula to sit on the surface of the clubs for a few minutes before scrubbing with a Stain Brush (pro tip: Keep a separate “outdoor” Stain Brush on hand for cleaning shoes and athletic gear), and polish with a dry Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth to ward off rust buildup.

Golf Shoes & Athleticwear

Keep a bottle of our compact Sport Spray tee’d up to drive away odors and add a laundry-fresh scent in between holes or washes! We love the crisp, invigorating scent of Sport Spray for refreshing athleticwear - simply give shoes, golf bags, gloves, and clothes a few spritzes to dissolve the scent of perspiration and other unsavory odors throughout the day. (Psst: Did you know this handy formula also works to freshen car interiors, hats, closets, and drawers?) When it’s time to wash, launder moisture-wicking performance fabrics with the coordinating Sport Detergent for maximum odor and stain removal.