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How-To | Remove Condiment Stains

Hot dogs and hamburgers (or veggie burgers!) are the ultimate summertime food staples, so we all know from experience that these meaty delights can be messy. Enjoy a caution-free cookout and lather on the condiments, because The Laundress has the perfect remedy for these pesky stains.

Ketchup stain spotted mid party ? grab a Wash & Stain Bar, lather it with water, and work it into the stain to keep it from setting. A process so quick, you won?t be gone from the gathering for too long!

Once the party?s ended and you?re back at home, treat the spot by creating a paste of Stain Solution & All-Purpose Bleach Alternative and apply it directly to the fabric.

Follow by pouring hot water onto the mixture to active the Bleach Alternative beads and soak in a bath of hot water for at least an hour. Stain still visible? It may take a few tries until it?s completely removed!

While this procedure is ideal for hardy textiles like cottons and canvas, use tepid water when treating delicates. The All-Purpose Bleach Alternative should not be used on silks or woolens ? for these fabrics, Stain Solution is sufficient.

The longer the stain sits, the more difficult it is to lift! That?s why having a Wash & Stain Bar on hand to treat the stain upon occurrence is most effective.