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Out Of The Box Playroom Storage

From fort building and book nooks to craft corners and costumery, pro organizers Joni and Kitt of Practically Perfect have seen and organized it all. Naturally, we tapped them for tips on re-working a playroom using The Laundress’ Home Organization collection. The trick to really digging in without feeling overwhelmed? Start by tackling one or two spots at a time — think the toy bins or the craft supplies, or simply an overstuffed shelf. Read on for simple ways to achieve and maintain an organized kid space.

Gather These Tools:

Storage Box, Collapsible Hamper, Steele Canvas Hamper, Large Zip Laundry Bag


Create a Home for Everything

This bookshelf is a true-to-life example of what a playroom looks like after kids actually play in it. As both professional organizers and moms, we wholeheartedly believe that creating a home for everything is essential to involving kids in clean up time — and we quickly recognized that The Laundress’ Storage Cubes are a practical solution for storing collections of toys. We love how crisp and clean they look. And as lovers of all things labeling, we especially appreciate the built-in label pocket!

Label It

When labeling a play space, it’s important to take into account the ages and stages of the kiddos. We recommend including text and photos for pre-readers so that they can still be independent at play time as well as clean-up time. It’s also important to choose a labeling system that is flexible and can be changed over time or as needed. As always, consider what would work best for your own kids!

Consider Your Spaces

When choosing containers for your spaces, be sure to consider both your household functionality and aesthetic preferences. Are your kids likely to put lids back onto bins, or is that not realistic? Would you prefer to see what’s in each container or keep everything tucked away? Follow your instincts! Whatever you decide, make sure that you’re selecting items that offer both function and fashion.


Save Space

We always recommend playroom containers that are easy to empty and fill to ensure quick clean-up and happy kiddos. We found the Collapsible Hamper and Steele Canvas Hamper to be ideal homes for oversized items like this parachute and stuffed animal collection. They’re so attractive you’ll want to leave them out on display.


Zip Up

We also love to find new uses for products, so we chose the Large Zip Laundry Bag to store pillows in. This bag felt like an easy way to transport fort building supplies from one space to the next. While traditionally used in a laundry room or linen closet, it's versatile and neutral enough to use in this playroom, too!


Hang and Organize

Dressing up is one of our kids’ favorite pastimes, and displaying adorable items is one of ours… so it made sense to also utilize a Collapsible Hamper or Steele Canvas Hamper to organize this collection of costumes. We decided to display a few of the kids’ favorites on hooks for easy access — and also to up the cuteness factor! We often opt for hooks or bins when it comes to setting up organizing systems for costumes and dress-up clothing, as hangers tend to deter the little ones from tidying up. Dropping something onto a hook or into a bin can feel a lot less intimidating and time-consuming than wiggling it back onto a hanger.

Remember to start small and be targeted in your organizing. What works for another home may not be best for yours. Your system just needs to be PRACTICAL and PERFECT for you!