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How-To | Organize Your Fridge

The fridge is one the most frequently accessed spots in the home, so show that big hunk the love it deserves by organizing its contents. Not sure where to start? We reached out to de-cluttering guru Samantha Pregenzer of Simply Organized for expert tips on tackling a messy fridge. Read on and wave good-bye to the witching hour with these steps!

Meet Simply Organized

I'm Samantha – a professional organizer, NAPO Member, DIYer, and the writer behind the Simply Organized blog. Helping people get organized is my passion. I started this business to help stressed out moms and homeowners. As a busy professional organizer, I kick off my week every Sunday with a clean, organized, and meal-planned fridge. That's right, no space in a home is off limits for this organizing expert!


Have A Weekly Meal Plan

I begin my organizing by knowing exactly what I'm going to put inside. Each week I write a short list of breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Be sure to cross-check your after-school activity calendar. For example, a couple days a week we have evening baseball games; those are nights I either make a crock-pot meal or we have dinner out. I also add snacks such as hard-boiled eggs, mini-carrots with hummus, grapes, cheese sticks and more – items that are quick and easy to grab, yet healthy.

Use Space-Saving Containers

In my professional (and humble) opinion, I prefer containers that are square or rectangle. Every inch of space in your fridge is valuable real estate. Round containers often waste precious space. You can see a few of my favorite containers here in my fridge.

Empty the Fridge & Clean

Before heading to the market, I purge items from the fridge that have expired, re-contain items that are still good yet may need a smaller container, and I also make sure anything that may expire soon is placed toward the front of the fridge. This keeps it from being forgotten. To get your fridge stone cold clean, check out this amazing Deep Cleaning How-To!

Contain Prepped Foods

Once I have returned from the market, I chop and prepare in advance any ingredients I'm able to. I make tuna salad for sandwiches during the week, I unbag mini carrots into a container, I wash the grapes and berries, hard-boil eggs, peel and contain.

Seems like a lot of work, but when you get in the habit and have the correct containment, it moves quickly each week. And you won't believe how much time you save every weekday by having your ingredients and snacks all ready in advance.

Store Away

With your prepped items contained and your fridge totally clean, you can now place containers and foods into the fridge in sections that make sense to you. I tend to keep yogurts on the top shelf and fruits and veggies a bit lower. I also keep a backstock of fruits and veggies in the produce drawers since we tend to eat through those items fairly quickly around here.

Simply place your items in sections that work for you and your family. You will feel lighter each day the week following knowing everything in your fridge is organized and clean. And on top of it, you'll be eating healthier because your meal plan is ready to go!


Get your rubber gloves on and get your fridge stone cold clean! Erase the trace of last week's funky leftovers, sauce spills, and odors with this How-To.