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How To Organize the Women's Closet

Decluttering, organizing, and unpacking expert Jamie of Horderly has a knack for creating a sense of clarity with client's belongings and maintaining a steady, functional lifestyle. She excitedly took on the project of organizing the closet spaces of Grace Atwood, founder and voice of The Stripe and we got to tag along! Read on to learn how she used The Laundress organization solutions to transform clutter into clarity.

Gather These Tools:

Storage Cube, Medium Storage Box, Large Storage Box; Hanging Dress Storage Bag; 6-Tier Hanging Organizer


Pull Everything Out

It always gets worse before it gets better! We decided to start with her shoe and bag closet and jumped right into fully pulling out and sorting.

Keep, Toss, or Donate

Next comes the editing. Sort through everything according to keep, toss, or donate. Right off the bat, Grace started off strong and got rid of one large trash bag of shoes!

Put in Place

Now comes strategy and placement. We were so excited to put this closet back together as Grace's collection of colorful shoes and gorgeous handbags are an organizer's dream come true! We ended up sticking with a color scheme and mixing handbags in between. We also made sure to corral any other shoes and handbags around the house to ensure that they all had a home.



Make Space

When we started pulling out and sorting this closet, we noticed that tops, sweaters, jeans, and a few dresses were landing here, along with a mishmash of stuff on the bottom of the closet. We tackled this space by editing – getting rid of what she no longer loved or wore and making space for new items to come in (as she does love to shop!).


Within Reach

When putting this closet back together, we decided to get her ready for the winter season to come. We got out her winter boots and made her winter scarves easily accessible by using the new Laundress 6-Tier Cotton Hanging Organizer in White. (Grace's favorite!)


Season Pass

We also used a mixture of sizes of their new Storage Boxes in White (a Horderly favorite!) to contain the bottom of her closet and organize off-season items like "swim" and "summer scarves". We love how sturdy these bins are for longevity, the label holders for easy identification, and handles for easy accessibility - not to mention their clean, sleek look!

"Containment is key" when it comes to getting organized. You will hear us say this often when putting systems into place. Having a category in your closet (or where ever it may be) contained, creates a specific home for that category to live which means it's super easy to find that item and put it back! It also sets boundaries and limits. For example, once the bin of travel supplies starts overflowing, that means it's time to go through and keep only "the best of the best"!



Group Together

We edited and re-categorized this rack. We ended up moving the dresses she had in her small closet to this closet as well – that way all dresses lived together.


Safe Storage

We organized a section of "clothes to shoot" for Grace's blog and sorted out "evening dresses" by putting them in the new Laundress Cotton Hanging Dress Storage Bag in White. Grace has a beautiful collection of family heirlooms that we wanted to make sure we kept safe and preserved and this garment bag was the perfect way to go!

What we love so much about this hanging storage bag is that it keeps clothes free of dust, moisture, and those possible critters. It also has a small hanging rod inside of it so you don't have to go through the trouble of fishing your hanger up out of the bag.