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How To Keep Picture Frames Pristine

A picture is worth a thousand words, so don't let dust put a damper on your most treasured memories. Get in the cleaning frame of mind with our tips and let that gallery wall take center stage with no distractions!

Gather These Tools: Glass & Mirror Cleaner, Lint-Free Cleaning Cloths, Cashmere Brush


Dust Down

Begin by dusting each picture frame from top to bottom using a soft cloth, like our Lint-Free Cleaning Cloths. Dust the top ledge, then move on to the sides of the frame and the glass itself. For fabric-covered frames, try using the Cashmere Brush instead to lift away dust and dirt from cloth surfaces.


Spray Selectively

Never spray cleaning solution directly onto the glazing and frame – the solution can seep under the edge of the glazing and soak into mats, backing, and artwork. To prevent damage, spray the cleaner directly onto the Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth. Then, wipe away dust and fingerprints with the damp cloth.


Frame of Mind

Use the Surface Cleaner to clean frames made of hard plastic, antique wood, and metal. Focus especially on the top of the frame and the lower inner edge as these are areas where dust settles the most. If your frame is ornately carved or textured, you may use a soft toothbrush to help remove dirt from nooks and crannies.


Go Over the Glazing

To clean glass and acrylic glazing, use the Glass & Mirror Cleaner to achieve a streak-free shine. Remember to spray into the Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth and wipe; never spray the glazing directly.

Fine Finish

Once your frames are dusted and wiped clean, finish by vacuuming any remaining dust on the floor below.