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How The Laundress Team Works From Home

Here’s how The Laundress team is staying productive, positive, and connected while working from home.

“I never work in my activewear or pajamas—I always get dressed as if I am heading out to work! It helps with productivity and makes me feel good throughout the day. Plus, I’m always ready for any Zoom call that gets thrown my direction.”

- Lindsey, Cofounder of The Laundress

“My ‘she cave’ is where I have been doing creative work, reading, thinking, and having weekly ‘cawfee’ Zoom dates with my girlfriends. I also have a fold up desk space set up in another room where I do all our work video meetings— the wifi connection is better in here!

At night and on weekends I always fold it up because I believe it is so important to physically, visually, and mentally put work away. When the weather’s nice I’ve been going on afternoon runs to get out and enjoy the fresh air. Luckily my neighborhood isn’t busy so I check in on the horses and birds and wave to the few others out and about. Plus, a change of environment is always inspiring for me.”

- Gwen, Cofounder of The Laundress

"Working next to a big window with a coffee or iced tea helps me stay alert and motivated. I also like to travel to different rooms throughout the day to refresh my environment and keep myself inspired."

- Anna, Design Coordinator

"I focus best when I am surrounded by art and inspiration, so my workspace is busy and colorful, with plenty of candles and sketchpads at hand!"

- Madeline, Client Services Coordinator

“Before work each morning, I’ve been doing a workout from the Melissa Wood Health app. Having this consistency in my new routine has created a sense of normalcy and allows me to stay extra motivated all day!”

- Sydney, Production Coordinator

“Working and taking care of my 16-month-old, it’s easy to forget to stay hydrated throughout the day. Now I make a point to place a full water pitcher on my desk and add mint leaves when I can for a refreshing pick-me-up.”

- Hannah, Brand Director

“Movement is major for keeping sane, especially in these times. I’ve been fortunate enough to join in on scheduled yoga and meditation sessions with my lovely co-workers… and also our children!”

- Jalessa, Finance Manager

“I make sure to get some fresh air to keep me alert and focused while working from home, whether that means going for a 15 minute walk or sitting outside as I catch up on emails.”

- Brianna, Account Executive

“My recipe for success for working from home with young kids is embracing screen time for them with no guilt. For me, that means setting up my desk in their playroom so I can keep an eye on them, AirPods, and an always-full Ember mug.”

- Lauren, Design Director