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How To Get Rid Of Any Home Odor

Hit with a whiff of something weird? Here’s how to nix every sort of unsavory scent right at the source.

Your Odor Essentials: Home Cleaning Heroes, All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate, All-Purpose Bleach Alternative, Fabric Fresh Classic


Nothing’s worse than your fresh produce taking on the scent of a hunk of gouda. Start by tossing any old, expired, or uncovered items and wiping sticky spots or spills with Surface Cleaner. Then stash a shallow bowl of Scented Vinegar on a shelf for 15 minutes to sop up the stench.


Can’t kick that smell coming from the trash can long after you’ve actually taken out the trash? Sometimes it’s the can itself that’s wreaking havoc. Here’s what to do: Remove the bag and place a bowl of Scented Vinegar on the bottom of the can for 15 minutes. It works like a sponge to absorb any questionable scents. Not cutting it? Swirl two capfuls of All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate and a capful of All-Purpose Bleach Alternative into two cups of hot water. Use the solution to scrub the inside, making sure to get to the lid, sides, bottom, and outside, too. Allow it to sit for 10 minutes. Pour into a large sink or tub, rinse, and air dry before using.


The irony of a dishwasher is that it gets ridiculously dirty and smelly. Food and debris chilling in the food trap will cause funky odors and hinder its ability to clean. To clear buildup, locate the trap under the lower sprayer and remove it. Wash it with Dish Detergent then wipe down the compartment before reinserting the food trap. For a more thorough clean, add ¼ cup of Scented Vinegar and one capful of All-Purpose Bleach Alternative to the dishwasher and run a normal load free of dishware.


If the scent of last month’s spaghetti and meatballs is still lingering in your microwave, it’s time for some damage control. Remove the turntable inside and wash it, then spray down the inside of your microwave with Surface Cleaner. A bowl of Scented Vinegar will help here, too, so let one sit for a few minutes to soak up food smells.

Cutting Board:

Little known fact: Odor tends to cling to cutting boards, especially wooden ones (hi, garlic from last weekend’s meal prep!). After cleaning, wipe it down with Scented Vinegar to give it a refresh. And because cutting boards tend to harbor bacteria, be sure to replace yours every 12 months.


To keep your toilet sparkling clean and smelling fresh, a weekly scrub will do the trick. Pour a bit of All-Purpose Bleach Alternative in the bowl so it can soak. Scrub thoroughly with a long-handled brush.

Smelly drains? Mix 1/4 cup of The Laundress All-Purpose Bleach Alternative with 1 cup of Scented Vinegar. Pour down the drain and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then run hot water.

Carpets, Rugs & Fabrics:

For a quick fix, freshen bedding, sofas, pillows, and blankets with a few spritzes of Fabric Fresh Classic, which is formulated with anti-bacterial properties and has a clean laundry scent. For smelly carpets, rugs, or dog beds, sprinkle All-Purpose Bleach Alternative all over or in spots in need of deodorizing, let sit for 10 minutes, then vacuum up.