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How To Remove Pit Stains

On top of stubborn stains from wine, coffee, chocolate and so forth, one of the primary Laundress missions when we started this company was to conquer the "Pit Stain". This is a very common problem and a frustrating one at that! Fiber scientists conducted laboratory testing with our products at Cornell University to prove that we had a solution for this problem.

The stains (sometimes more yellow, some gray) are from the combination of the natural body oils, deodorant, and fabric absorption. To remove these stains & more, follow our recipes below – and Happy Laundering!


  • Apply Stain Solution to the stain.
  • Work the Stain Solution into the stained area with our Stain Brush.
  • Pour hot water from a height to be more effective and soak.
  • If stain has faded, but isn't completely gone, repeat the process until satisfied.
  • To remove odors: pre-wash or pre-soak with Scented Vinegar. Apply vinegar directly on odor areas and work Stain Solution into the fabric. Soak well.
  • Launder as normal.

  • *We recommended this process on durable fibers such as cotton, linen and some synthetic materials.
  • *For stain removal on delicate fabrics such as silk and cashmere, use tepid water. Do not soak silk longer than 30 minutes at a time.
  • *When treating stains from blood, always use cold water.

Machine Washing

Dry & Finish

  • Do not dry any items that still have stains.
  • Hang to dry on a line in the sun for energy efficiency, natural whitening and that awesome fresh line experience - or use the dryer.