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How To Clean Your Oven and Stovetop

Everyone, start your ovens! Whether it's time for spring cleaning, the post-holiday clean-up, or a weekly refresh, give your oven, stovetop, or induction cooktop the attention it deserves by treating it with our plant-derived solutions. Read on to learn the products and steps to achieve a spotless oven.

Gather These Tools: 

Home Cleaning Heroes, All-Purpose Bleach Alternative, Copper Cloth, Lint-Free Cleaning Cloths


Remedy the Racks

To remove heavy grease and buildup, remove oven racks, stovetop grates, and knobs and soak in a bath of hot water and 2 capfuls of All-Purpose Bleach Alternative—the hotter the water, the better.


Soak It Out

Allow to soak for over an hour. If possible, leave it to soak overnight – the longer the soak, the easier it will be to remove caked-on grime.


Puttin' On the Spritz

While the racks are soaking, tackle the stovetop. Spray the area with Surface Cleaner, focusing on grease splatters and spilled sauces.


Scrub Splatters

Use the Copper Cloth and a little elbow grease to scrub away stubborn stains and caked-on splatters.

If you have an induction stovetop, use a Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth instead. For stubborn residue, let the solution sit for 30 minutes before wiping with a hot water-soaked cloth. Once the cooktop is clean, use some Scented Vinegar to clean hard water spots from the cooktop.

*For Glass Stove Tops, avoid abrasive sponges or cloths.


Show the Oven Some Lovin'

Lift charred spills on oven bottoms by spraying the interior with Surface Cleaner. Allow to soak for 30 minutes before wiping down with a Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth soaked in hot water.


Revisit the Racks

After allowing the oven racks, stovetop grates, and knobs to soak, use the Dish Detergent and Copper Cloth to scrub away any remaining food particles. Rinse and dry before returning them.


Final Polish

To achieve a gleaming finale, spray the exterior with the Surface Cleaner, and wipe dry with the Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth.