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How To Clean These Top 5 Scariest Food & Beverage Stains

Whether you’re culling your culinary skills or flying your foodie flag with pride, you’re bound to bump up against a food stain or two in life. Some are scarier than others, but don’t throw in the kitchen towel (or the garment) when these stains strike. We’ve got a recipe for each of these top five scariest stains – from oil to marinara and everything in between.

Note: these how-tos are for machine washable fabrics like cotton, denim, and durable synthetics. For “dry clean only” items, consult our stain guide.

GATHER THESE TOOLS: Stain Solution, Wash & Stain Bar, All-Purpose Bleach Alternative, Stain Brush

hand model removing stain from napkin with stain brush

Grease & Oil Slicks

It’s a common misconception that oil and grease stains are there to stay. Not true at all! We’ve cooked up the perfect recipe for removing these stains – old and new. Our Wash & Stain Bar, is perfect for tackling these types of stains. See the full how-to guide here.

For oil stains on silk or wool, follow this how-to guide here.

Wasted Wine

The only wine we don’t love is wasted wine. This stain tends to strike fear in even the most seasoned Laundress, but it doesn’t have to. We’ve used these steps to remove many a wine scare and it works every time. See the full how-to guide here.

Marinara Messes

Pass the pizza, but not the pizza stains! For this stain, use our Stain Solution as it’s the most effective on tannin stains. See the full how-to guide here.

Berry Blunders

These delicious sweet treats can leave a trail of destruction when mashed into clothing or spilled from a smoothie. See the full how-to guide here.

Chocolate Catastrophes

Chocoholics will find solace in these steps for removing stains. Grab your Stain Solution and All-Purpose Bleach Alternative and follow the full how-to guide here.