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How To Clean An Air Purifier

Air purifiers work by drawing air through a filter that captures mold, dust, pet dander, and other impurities, then releasing the air back out. Cleaning yours on a regular basis will not only help it work more efficiently now, but will also extend its lifespan later. Although we recommend following the processes and maintenance procedures according to your specific model, we compiled some general best cleaning practices to abide by.

Step 1: Protect Yourself & Head Outdoors

It’s a good idea to clean your air purifier outdoors and wear a protective face mask over your mouth and nose to avoid breathing in any particulates from the filter. Make sure to have a plastic garbage bag ready in order to dispose of any debris that come loose during cleaning.

Step 2: Wipe Down The Exterior

Unplug the air purifier, then use a Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth misted with Surface Cleaner to wipe down the outside of the device. Use a vacuum with a soft attachment to clean any openings.

Step 3: Remove Air Filter

Locate the air filter access panel on your air purifier. (Some models may require a screwdriver to open the panel.) Grab your plastic bag and place your old filter inside to dispose of it. Note, it is recommended to only replace HEPA filters instead of cleaning them.

If your HEPA filter is labeled as washable, it should be cleaned by rinsing it under cold water. You should be careful not to touch the filter material, only allowing it to come in contact with water.

For non-HEPA filters that you are not replacing, use a vacuum attachment to very carefully vacuum the filter. You can also wipe it down with your Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth and Surface Cleaner.

Step 4: Tackle The Interior

Gently wipe down and/or vacuum the interior pieces.

Step 5: Allow To Dry

Make sure the filter is completely dry before replacing it and putting the unit back together. Reassembling a machine while filters are still wet can encourage mold growth.

Step 6: Plug It Back In

Breathe in the fresh air—you’re done! For extra credit, freshen the air and upholstery in your home with our invigorating Home Spray.