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How To Clean a Guest Bedroom in 15 Minutes

Prepping your home for a guest can certainly throw you into a tizzy, but when you’re equipped with the right kind of plan, it doesn’t have to be a pain. Just for you, we tapped our cofounder and hostess extraordinaire, Lindsey, for her no-stress, no-sweat game plan and how she turns both surprise visits and carefully scheduled stays into 5 star, hotel-level experiences. This is what she told us.


Hostess Must-Haves: Crease Release, Whites Detergent, Scented Vinegar, Surface Cleaner, Lint-Free Cleaning Cloths, Home Spray, Après Laundry Cream & Hand Soap Duo

Step 1: Remove wrinkles from bedding and upholstery in a spritz by misting with Crease Release and smoothing with your hands. This freshening, crease-banishing spray also adds a clean laundry scent for a spa-like feel.

Step 2: Always set out clean towels and linens for guests. For an elevated look, fold following Lindsey's French Hotel tutorial. Launder beforehand with Whites Detergent for a brightening, deep clean.

Step 3: Eliminate odors by setting out a small bowl of Scented Vinegar, which pulls unpleasant smells from the air without leaving behind that lingering, pungent vinegar scent. Remove before guests arrive.

Step 4: Wipe down all surfaces - from wood to marble - with Surface Cleaner and Lint-Free Cleaning Cloths to degrime sans streaks. The bright, essential-oil based scent will lend that “fresh-cleaned” factor without harsh (and harsh-smelling!) cleaning ingredients like chlorine or ammonia.

Step 5: Put out fresh-cut flowers! It’s simply a must to add a welcoming look and natural fragrance to your home, whether you display them on the nightstand or in the entryway… or both!

Step 6: Spritz Home Spray to freshen up furniture and bedding, infusing them with our luxuriously verdant No. 247 scent.

Step 7: Leave out fabric care amenities for guests to use during their stay. We love our Build Your Own Clean Bundle option which lets you customize your own set of Laundress solutions (may we suggest Crease Release and our Wash & Stain Bar?) so guests can be prepared for wrinkles, stains, and hand washing fabrics.