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Brighten Dingy Whites

Using Cloth Diapers is a Great Choice, but How to Keep Them Clean and White?

More and more parents are seeing the wisdom in tossing the disposable diapers aside for the many benefits of the eco-friendly, convenient, reusable diapers on the market. The environment and your wallet will thank you for the choice, but keeping those diapers fresh and clean without using harsh chemicals on your baby's most-worn item might seem like a challenge. How to brighten dingy whites like diapers you're hoping to use over and over? The Laundress makes a collection of plant-derived, allergen-free products designed specifically with your baby in mind.

Brighten Those Whites by Pretreating, Soaking, and Washing

Those pre-folded and fitted diapers can look as fresh as the day you bought them, no matter your baby's blowouts. It comes down to a combination of pretreating, soaking and using the best detergent. First, thoroughly rinse the soiled diapers, removing all solid waste. Second, hit every spot with our Stain Solution. For serious stains, pair the Stain Solution with our chlorine free All-Purpose Bleach Alternative to form a paste, then use the Stain Brush to work the paste into the stain. Finally, never underestimate the power of a long, hot soak (for your diapers, or you!). Hot water plus a capful of All-Purpose Bleach Alternative will break down the acid in urine soils and remove other unpleasant odor and stubborn stains. Our gentle Baby Detergent is the final step; a hot water wash using the Normal cycle will leave your cloth diapers clean, and your discolored whites will look like new.