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Beach Bag Essentials Checklist

There's no better feeling than warm, sunkissed skin and a salty ocean breeze...except, perhaps, a perfectly-packed beach bag. Follow our lead before your next shore excursion.

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Sport Spray: Refresh and remove odors from the inside of your beach bag, cooler, shoes, and beach hat. Also great for bathing suits, cover ups, and car interiors!

Crease Release: Smooth crinkles in your cover up with a spritz of this easy mist.

Wash & Stain Bar: Banish stains from sweat and sunscreens on the go. Lather the bar with some water from your water bottle, then work directly into fabric. Wipe clean with your beach towel or a clean cloth, and dab dry!

how to clean a bathing suit


Sport Detergent: Stop the stretch and the fade on your bathing suits! Wash up with this specially-formulated detergent that also effectively squashes odors from chlorine, saltwater, and perspiration. Learn more: Get our swimwear cleaning how to.

Stain Solution: Liquid gold for stains, especially color-rich ones from fruit, ice cream, and chocolate. Suitable for all fabrics including bathing suits, work a drop into the stain with our Stain Brush, then wash as normal.

Scented Vinegar: Icky odors are a shore thing post beach or pool, but you don’t have to throw in the towel! Add a capful or two of our odor-absorbing liquid directly to the wash cycle. Lean more: Refresh mildew-y smelling towels with our tutorial.

how to clean moldy towels

Surface Cleaner: Wipe down the inside of hard and soft coolers with our versatile, plant-derived cleaning formula and a Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth to lift sticky spills and grime. Be sure to shake out excess sand first!

Signature Detergent: Launder everything from beach towels to rubber flip flops with our all-purpose cleaning and brightening formula that’ll leave your items gleaming and smelling like freshly washed linens hung out to dry in the afternoon sun. Learn more: Clean rubber flip flops.

All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate & Bleach Alternative Duo: Rust or dirt throwing your beach umbrella and beach chairs shade? Banish it with these grime-busting solutions and these moves from the pros.