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4 Tips for Softer Towels

Nothing beats a plush, fluffy, gorgeously-scented towel post-shower. Here’s how to optimize laundry day for towels that are soft, bright, and free of yellowing.

Gather These Tools: 

All-Purpose Bleach Alternative, Whites Detergent, Dryer Balls

pouring bleach alternative in machine

TIP 1: Separate

Separate towels and sheets from other garments and wash separately to reduce lint and tangling. Try your best to wash and dry towels and linens in small loads. Overfilled machines can prevent towels from receiving a proper rinse (leaving behind a crunchy residue) while an overfilled dryer will leave towels damp (so they’ll be less fluffy and more prone to residue.)

TIP 2: Wash This Way

Towels should be washed on a hot, long wash cycle. Opt for Whites Detergent to keep towels bright, and stick to the recommended amount according to load size. More detergent does not mean more cleaning power: In fact, using too much will leave a soapy residue that will make towels feel stiff. Add a capful of All-Purpose Bleach Alternative to help get rid of build-up.

TIP 3: Skip Fabric Softener

Resist the urge to use fabric conditioner or dryer sheets. Softeners coat fibers, thus reducing absorbency over time. If you must use a fabric conditioner, stick to every other wash.

towels in basket

TIP 4: Don’t Forget This Move Before Drying

Shake towels out before adding them to the dryer. If you throw a bunched up towel into the dryer, it will take longer to dry and may retain stubborn creases. Add Dryer Balls to the dryer with the load as an eco-friendly alternative to dryer sheets. They increase air circulation to cut down on dry time, prevent clumping, and help fluff and smooth fibers.

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