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How To Freshen Summer Clothes After Removing From Storage

Awaken and renew your clothes after storage by freshening musty smells and brightening yellowing. Our post-storage moves are the refresh you need.

Your After-Storage Tool Kit:

The Pit Kit, Wash Tub Basin, Scented Vinegar, Ironing Water, Fabric Fresh Classic

Cotton, Linen & Durable Synthetics

Target stains with a couple of drops of Stain Solution, our efficacious, enzyme concentrate for color-rich stains. Work in with a Stain Brush until discoloration lifts. Next, presoak items in a Wash Tub Basin  or sink of hot water mixed with two capfuls of All-Purpose Bleach Alternative and ¼ cup of Scented Vinegar for up to 30 minutes. These two products work together to fade stains, brighten white and light colored fabrics, and neutralize odors. Now wash as normal with Signature Detergent. For an extra boost of brightness, you can go ahead and add two more capfuls of All-Purpose Bleach Alternative to the wash load.

For more ways to brighten white laundry, read our brilliance-boosting guide.

Silk, Lace & Delicates

Soak items in a basin of cool water mixed with ¼ cup Scented Vinegar, then hand or machine wash with Delicate Wash, cool water, a delicate cycle, and low spin.

Tip: Get tips for washing silks and delicates here.

Finish With A Hit Of Freshness

After drying, give your garments a steam to further freshen and remove odors. To take the freshness up a notch (mildew-y smells tend to be particularly stubborn!) add a capful of Ironing Water to the steamer’s water tank to add a crisp, clean linen scent. In between washes, spritz items with Fabric Fresh Classic to revive, fragrance, and dissolve odors.