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The Best Laundry Detergent: 9 Different Scents | The Laundress

Looking for a fine fragrance detergent that will have your clothing, linens, and more smelling fresh, clean, and inviting? Shop our line of sophisticated-smelling detergents. Try them all and choose your favorite - we have 9 different scents! All of our high end, high efficiency, scented laundry detergents are made with natural ingredients, including real plant essences that give them their uniquely magnificent smells. We have spice and musk notes in select detergents, so you can choose which scent best suits you.

Sophisticated Aroma Laundry Soap

Your clothing is a reflection of you and your sophisticated taste. The subtle smell of lavender, bergamot, or sultry spices will be part of your signature smell, and family, friends, and guests alike will notice and admire the subtle yet powerful freshness that accompanies you. Choose from a variety of aromas, and be sure to check out our full line of fabric-specific washes for those more challenging items like silks or woolens.

Fine fragrance detergent that keeps you and the environment cleaner is our business. Go ahead and put us to the test by trying our delightfully fragrant detergents today.