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Powerful Cleaning Tools Come in Safer Packages

We've got great news: You've bought your very last container of bleach. 

Don't spend another dime on harsh, chemically-derived cleaning products until you've tried our line of plant-derived home cleaning products. Our plant-derived and fragrance-free All-Purpose Bleach Alternative is ideal for brightening your laundry or for general cleaning around the house.

Prefer something with a nice scent? Try our All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate, which has an invigorating fragrance that includes eucalyptus, pine, rose, lily of the valley, bergamot, and thyme as well as hints of musk and lavender. Breathe in the aroma and breathe out a sigh of relief as you clean knowing you're not polluting the environment or your home.

Vinegar: The Queen of Effective Cleaning Products

We all know that vinegar works remarkably well at eliminating everything from pet odors to mold and mildew, but who can bear the off-putting smell of vinegar? We've got the perfect solution: Our Scented Vinegar will delight your nose while fighting stains, odors, and germs! What's better is that you won't be spraying your house with dangerous chemicals. It's hard to feel good about cleaning with "dirty" chemical-laden products! Clean with a clear conscience with The Laundress.