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Dry Cleaning Alternative Products Make It Simple

Your old routine included filling a bag with soiled items that you considered too fragile to wash, piling them in the car, driving to the dry cleaners, dropping off your order, driving home, waiting the requisite number of days for your order, then getting back in your car to drive across town to pay for your items, which have seen been "cleaned" with hazardous chemicals that you will wear against your skin. What's wrong with this picture? EVERYTHING. Save yourself the money and general hassle of visiting the dry cleaners and introduce yourself to a true dry clean alternative.

Alternative to Dry Cleaning Wins Out

Our alternative to dry cleaning is the best at-home dry cleaning solution. The Laundress has a wide variety of fabric-specific laundry solutions, so you can care for even the most delicate of fabrics right at home. It's time to hang up the dry cleaners and allow plant-based dry clean alternatives to take the forefront.

Ditch the dry cleaners and wash at home. Ask us how!