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Secrets To A Perfect Laundry Room

Our cofounder Gwen has spent the last 18 years mastering the art of laundry… for a living. From developing textile science-backed fabric care with covetable fine fragrances to designing laundry rooms for the brand’s stores, office, and photoshoots, her expertise and aesthetic eye makes people love doing laundry. Couple that with a Cornell degree in textile and apparel science and Ralph Lauren design background, and it’s no wonder her own laundry room is the perfect balance of functionality and beauty. “You should love wherever you do laundry, whether your laundry space is a corner of your basement or a closet,” says Gwen, who began The Laundress with no laundry room, only a kitchen and bathroom sink in her 6th floor NYC walk up apartment. “With the right fabric care fundamentals, any laundry space, even just a sink, can work.” Ahead, the laundry room mainstays she can’t do laundry without.

1. FLORA FANTASIA Wallpaper | House of Hackney

The laundry room is the ideal space to express yourself or go a little out of the decorative box with a bright paint color or a bold wallpaper. Gwen is drawn to natural motifs that bring the outside in, like the festive wallpaper prints from House of Hackney.

2. Ultimate Stain Solving Kit | The Laundress

“Pretreating is my secret to laundry longevity. Body oil, perspiration, and deodorant gradually build up on fabrics with each wear, so I pretreat susceptible areas before each and every wash, even if there’s no visible discoloration.” Gwen mixes these two products into a powerful paste and works them into underarms, cuffs, collars, and straps prior to washing.

3. Wash Tub Basin | The Laundress

You’ll get loads of use from a basin, whether you have a large laundry room or a cramped laundry closet. This portable, do-all tub helps Gwen with stain removal, presoaking, hand washing, and even catching the water drip from hang drying. When it’s not in use, she uses it as a storage caddy.

4. Watering Can | Weston Table

Gwen uses her laundry room for plant care and potting shed space, where her collection of vintage watering cans and artisanal pottery from her travels come in handy. Her pro-tip to aid stain removal: Use a watering can or pitcher to pour water onto the affected area from a height. The water pressure will help work the stain.

5. Steele Canvas Full Double Hamper | The Laundress

“Work space is the key to all laundry success! It is imperative for sorting, pre-treating, finishing, and folding. Unfortunately, so many laundry spaces lack great work surfaces. This was why I was so excited to develop this hamper/workspace with Steele Canvas to add valuable, versatile function to any space.”

6. Meyer Lemon Tree | Jackson & Perkins

A live plant lends lush texture and natural, bright color. “Adding greenery to any space is always a good idea. I keep ivy, ferns, pathos, topiary, and citrus trees, you name it!”

7. Bluff Point Stripe Rug | Ralph Lauren

“I love a rug in any laundry space, especially in a not so clean or cheerful basement. It really sets the zone up for function. I have used sisal, jute matting, wool dhurries, and even a good old american rag rug.”

8. Steamer | Jiffy

Gwen was sent off to college with a J-2 Jiffy steamer, which she uses on all fabrics for wrinkles and reviving non-washable items like structured blazers and suits, too. And when it comes to ironing, this one holds court. “It’s the only one my husband will use. I have created a monster!”

9. Aromatherapy Associates Gift Set | The Laundress

Gwen knows that taking care of your space and personal items is taking care of yourself, which is exactly why she spearheaded The Laundress’s partnership with Aromatherapy Associates, renowned for their award-winning therapeutic essential oil blends. This dreamy set melds The Laundress’s best-selling all-purpose detergent with hand crafted essential oils blends created for comforting and grounding.

10. Glass Bottle With Cap | The Laundress

“My glass bottle project was a long time coming. I wanted to have beautiful and reusable refill options. I always have one full with All-Purpose Bleach Alternative next to my sink.”

11. Step Can | Williams Sonoma

Don't forget a trash bin in your laundry workspace for emptying pockets, cutting off tags, and regularly cleaning out the dryer lint trap.

12. Gauze & Pile Towel | Uchino

Stash a good towel set in your laundry area for spot-treating and soaking up water from hand-washed items. In addition to our Lint-Free Cleaning Cloths, Gwen loves these Japanese towels that don't take up a lot of space, dry quickly, and don't transfer lint.

13. Sweater Stone | The Laundress

“Finishing is just as integral to a laundry space as the washing. One of my all time favorite tools is this pumice stone for removing unsightly pilling from heavier-knit sweaters, blankets and outerwear. It is no secret that The Laundress all started with a cashmere sweater…”

14. Artisan Candle & Artisan Fabric Fresh | The Laundress

A candle moment is always a good idea, even in the most unlikely of places, like the laundry room. Gwen created this small-batch, hand-poured one that boasts opulent notes of warm woods, patchouli, and amber. “For the Artisan laundry and home collection, I was honoring all the dedicated and masterful artisans whose craftsmanship is behind The Laundress.”

15. Clothing & Upholstery Brush | The Laundress

“This brush is not only beautiful and handcrafted but also effective at removing lint, fuzz, pills, hair, and fur from everything from clothing to couches without the use of single-use lint rollers.”

16. Signature Detergent & Fabric Conditioner Duo | The Laundress

These fabric care staples clean, brighten, and condition everything from white button-downs and denim to bedding and linens. “The Classic scent is essentially a part of me, created to be the ultimate clean laundry scent of the brand and provide a premium laundry experience from stain to starch.”