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People We Love: Kate Young

When a stylist to stars like Margot Robbie, Dakota Johnson, and Selena Gomez doles out fashion advice and wardrobe care, you listen. When we recently caught up with Kate Young, she’d just wrapped up styling Margot Robbie for the Oscars—NBD—and filming a video for her new style-centric YouTube channel, aptly named Hello Fashion. More on that below, plus her best tips for those of us who get dressed sans stylist… AKA most of us, which means it’s a must-read.

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How did you get started as a stylist?

I started as an assistant at US Vogue and then moved into styling both there and at Teen Vogue before leaving to work with other magazines and eventually celebrities.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

The clothes! I love fashion and clothes—the travel and people are fun too, but there is nothing like walking into the studio when we're preparing for something big and seeing all the racks of new and exciting clothes.

Where do you find inspiration for looks?

From all over—art, people on the street, Instagram.

Tell us about one of your most memorable moments in the industry?

One of my favorites was going to the Cannes film festival with Margot Robbie for the premiere of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. I love the south of France and Cannes at that time of year is sooooo exciting and everyone on the streets is dressed up and it's just so, so glamorous.

How would you describe your style? Personally and professionally?

I dress pretty simply. I like things that are unfussy and well designed. I tend to buy the same things over and over with just small tweaks from season to season.

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What are some easy tips/hacks for looking chic for those of us without a stylist?

Take photos of yourself and see what you will look like! Also use a tailor. A little tailoring makes everything look better

Which trend are you most excited about for spring/summer? I really like all the color. There's an exuberance to a lot of spring and summer clothes that we all need after this long winter inside.

What are your favorite products from The Laundress?

The Le Labo Santal Signature Detergent and Forest Therapy Signature Detergent. They just smell so, so, so good. I also love the Delicate Wash.

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Can you share some “secret outfit weapons” that you always carry with you?
I think it's always good to have a backup outfit that you know you feel confident in; it can be a blazer or a dress or a pair of pants, that you know just work when you're stressed for time or if the outfit you were planning to wear just doesn't feel right anymore.

Any care tricks for making closet staples last?
Honestly, The Laundress. The detergents are so specialized and they're great for clothes. Washing things is what ruins them a lot of the time and I feel The Laundress products help preserve them.

You styled Margot Robbie for the 2021 Oscars and she looked mesmerizing. Can you tell us about the dress?
Margot wore a black Chanel couture gown embroidered with silver flowers. It took 205 hours to make by hand. We just wanted her to look chic! Sort of 90's minimal.