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Aera x The Laundress: The Collaboration

Scent has the unique ability to evoke feelings and memories in a way that other senses cannot—precisely why it’s been a hallmark of The Laundress since the very beginning. To elevate and revolutionize the laundry experience, we thoughtfully and deliberately handcraft each and every one of our fragrances with world-class, master perfumers and blend them into our expert laundry formulas. Just like a fine fragrance, each of our scents consists of top, middle, and base notes for a sophisticated and beautifully complex sensorial experience that brings luxury to the laundry room.

Shop The Story: Aera Touch Diffuser & No.723 Capsule, No.723 Fragrance Diffuser Capsule

With our houses shifting from personal spaces to primarily the center of our universes, we partnered with Aera Home Diffuser—a home fragrance brand that knows the power that fragrance holds—to take our scents beyond your laundry loads and into the rest of your home. The Laundress x Aera partnership melds our best-selling fragrances with sophisticated technology; its innovative home diffusers transform scent into invisible molecules that evenly disperse to become one with the air in a room. This unique diffusion technique forces the release of all fragrance notes at the same time: That means top, middle, and base notes are experienced all at once for an exceptional, comprehensive scent experience.



An ambient home diffuser that lets you fill your home with customizable, long-lasting fragrance in our bestselling No.723 scent—an alluringly spicy, reimagined take on rose.

Aera Touch Diffuser & No.723 Capsule

Our No.723 Fragrance Capsule offers up to 800 hours of lush, velvety home aroma that’s a cut above.

Know Why You’re Scenting…

  • To add a decorative or emotional dimension to a room
  • To improve overall wellness with aromatherapy
  • To eliminate bad odors and freshen your space
  • Just because you love it!