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Why Bar Soap Is Best (And The Right Way To Wash)

Alcohol-based products like hand sanitizers and hand wipes are good germ-eliminating tools in a pinch, but washing up with a regular ol’ soap bar and water is one of the most effective ways to help eliminate the spread of viruses. Ahead, the hand washing moves you’re probably not doing (but definitely should).

First, Why Bar Soap?

Time to throw it back to science class. Most bar soaps contain fat-like substances known as amphiphiles that compete with lipids (fats) in the membrane of many viruses. From here, the soap dissolves the fat membrane of the virus and essentially inactivates it.

Our Kitchen Soap Bar

The Laundress Kitchen Soap Bar is a creamy, vegetable-based soap bar that contains a blend of lipids (which also happen to make great hydrators) like oatmeal, coconut, shea and cocoa butters, and buttermilk. It’s also got gentle exfoliators like wheat bran, apricot seed, and coffee bean, so your skin will stay soft and supple no matter how many times you wash up.

The Right Way To Wash Your Hands

1. Run the bar under water for a few seconds, then work it into your hands until a thick, fluffy lather builds up.

2. Now use your fingers to scrub your palms and the backs of hands.

3. Interlace your fingers and massage your fingertips against palms to get under your nails.

4. Repeat the process for at least 20-30 seconds (sing a song if it helps) and follow up with a restorative hand cream like our Aprés Laundry Hand Cream. Be sure you’re regularly washing your hands, especially after visiting public places and before eating.