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Set The Perfect Holiday Table

Set a table worth gathering ‘round: Heather Taylor of Heather Taylor Home is serving up all the fixin’s for a gorgeously-set holiday table, from perfectly layered linens to thoughtful, decorative finishes. Ahead, how to create the perfect backdrop for a memorable meal.

TL: Walk us through your step-by-step “recipe” for a perfect place setting this Thanksgiving.

HTH: Beautiful layered linens and white plates are always a great jumping off point. Once you pick the perfect linens for your table, you can focus on the details. A centerpiece is always a must, whether it’s a bowl of citrus or something floral. I love adding special details like custom placards and menus for guests. Floral napkin treatments or using velvet ribbons as napkin rings is the final step for a perfect table.

TL: For last-minute hosts, do you have any quick hacks for throwing together a beautiful table for entertaining?

HTH: YES: Invest in a beautiful set of linens and a set of dishes that you love. Having supplies at the ready makes for a quick and easy table setting. I also make sure I’m stocked with tapered candles for creating that magical glowy light at the table.

TL: Are there “rules” for table color schemes?

HTH: We love using two shades that exist in the same world: A rich nutmeg and a vivid goldenrod, for example. Using complementary colors to set the table is a good rule of thumb.

TL: Thoughts on place cards?

HTH: I’m obsessed with this detail. I don’t think people particularly enjoy the scramble of ‘Where should I sit?’ I try to make everything easy for my guests, including seating. Visually, place cards also add such a sweet and personalized dimension to the table.

TL: Can you share some ideas for out-of-the-ordinary centerpieces or floral arrangements?

HTH: I love making a garland made with pomegranates and persimmons.

TL: Where do you search for recipe inspiration?

HTH: I love digging through my mom’s recipes. She’s been collecting them for many years and has such a great collection.

TL: What’s your #1 Spotify playlist for holiday dinner?

HTH: Our HTH Fall playlist is perfect for festive seasonal gatherings like Thanksgiving!

TL: What’s your favorite “hack” for impressing Thanksgiving guests without breaking the bank?

HTH: A magnificent table with lots of candles!

The Laundress Note: Don’t get fired up over candle wax dribbles on table linens, clothes, or upholstery. Our wax removal guide will walk you through how to quickly remove them.

TL: How do you deal with spills and stains after meal time's over?

HTH: Grease stains are the worst! We truly love our products from The Laundress to help us detail with post meal imperfections.

The Laundress note: Treat oil and grease-based stains (salad dressing, olive-oil coated veggies, gravy) with Holiday Wash & Stain Bar and color-rich stains (red wine, fruit, sauce) with Stain Solution. Work in your treatment with a Stain Brush!

TL: Do napkins and tablecloths need to be washed after every use, even if they’re not dirty?

HTH: I do wash after every use but I know some customers do not. It’s personal preference!

The Laundress Guide To Washing Linens

For dirt and oil-based stains and spills like olive oil or candle wax drippings, we recommend treating using our Holiday Wash & Stain Bar. After scraping off any stain residue using a dull butter knife, work the bar into a lather using warm water and a soft-bristled brush like our Stain Brush. Massage the lather into the stained area using circular motions, melting away the stain residue, and then proceed with laundering.

We recommend washing heirloom tablecloths in cold water using the appropriate fabric-specific detergent and a low-spin setting. If possible, use a Mesh Bag to protect your tablecloth during the wash. For cottons and linens, launder using an everyday formula, like our Classic Signature Detergent. This gentle, plant-derived formula cleans, brightens, and maintains the integrity of items without phthalates, parabens, or harsh chlorine bleach. For silks, delicate synthetics, or lace, wash with cold water and our ultra gentle, specially-formulated Delicate Wash , which removes oils, dirt, and stains while cleaning and preserving fabric. To lift extra heavy odors or overall fabric buildup, try adding 3-4 capfuls of our Scented Vinegar to the wash, which is suitable for use on all tablecloth fabrics. Handwashing in cold water using a Wash Tub Basin, clean sink, or tub, is the safest method for items with appliqué like tassels or heavy embroidery. If you are concerned about dye bleed, we recommend completing a spot test before washing: Wet a clean, white cloth (like our Lint-Free Cleaning Cloths) and blot the item in an inconspicuous area. If there is excessive dye release onto the cloth, we recommend washing the item alone, or simply spot-treating as needed.

When it comes to drying heirloom tablecloths, air drying is always the best method for preservation. We recommend misting with our Crease Release spray while still damp to help keep wrinkles at bay! If you must machine dry, air tumble on a low or no heat setting using Dryer Balls. Never machine dry silk or lace fabrics.