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How-To | Pack Like A Pro

Even adults need a break! When the beach beckons and you break away from your adulting duties, spend time relaxing, not packing. These tips from globetrotting girls Gwen and Lindsey will help you maximize your vacation vibes.

Pack Your Bags Half Empty
Leave room in your bags for the treasures you?ll find on your trip. Bringing back a keepsake, gifts and/or unique items from faraway destinations is half the fun.

Put Items in Individual Storage Bags
Gwen and Lindsey both organize their suitcase in sections by packing items in separate storage bags including Hanging Storage Bag and All-Purpose Storage Bags. This makes it easier to find specific items like your swimsuit or workout clothes without digging around. It?s also a great trick for packing shoes so they don?t soil other items in your bag.

SOS Stains
Include a Wash & Stain Bar for quick and easy stain treatments on the road. This small bar can handle big stains, fits easily in a carry-on and is great for treating swimwear and sports bras on the spot.

Get the Wrinkles Out
There?s something very un-vacation-like about ironing so Gwen and Lindsey turn to our Crease Release to smooth fabrics from packing wrinkles. A quick fix for moderate wrinkles, simply spray your garment, pat over the fresh area and then hang to dry for a fresher appearance.

Curate a Kit That Works for You
Just as you?d pack a toiletry set or make-up bag, create a kit of laundry essentials you?ll want on your trip. Gwen never leaves home without her self-curated travel kit including Crease Release, Mawa Clips (from The Laundress SoHo store), Hotel Laundry BagWash & Stain Bar, and packets of Delicate Wash and Stain Solution. You can also start with The Laundress Travel Kit, which contains our go-to trip essentials.

Did we Mention the Importance of Shopping?
Gwen and Lindsey both agree an extra bag can come in handy. The Laundress Shopper folds easily for compact storage and can be filled with shopping finds or beach essentials during your trip. You can also pack it as an emergency carry-on for the ride home. The zipper will keep your newfound treasures contained in an overhead compartment or under your seat.