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How-To | Life Hacks For The Sharp Dressed Man

In the pursuit of looking sharp, there's nothing wrong with following the CliffsNotes for success in the laundry room. Sometimes a few tips can have the biggest impact on your laundry game. Read on for some foolproof game plans for a fabric care win.

Tip 1: Socks + Mesh Washing Bag = No Sock Left Behind

We've all been there - stuck with socks that are clean, single, and looking for a sole mate. Here's a quick tip. Collect your dirty socks in a Mesh Washing Bag. On laundry day, zip it up and launder as normal. The bag will keep your socks from going MIA.

Tip 2: Wrinkle Me Not

Perfectly pressed shirts don?t have to mean a trip to the dry cleaner. For easy wrinkle free fashion, always hang dress shirts to dry and iron or steam while slightly damp. For machine dried pieces, remove 10 minutes before the cycle completes and spray with Crease Release. Then, hang the item to dry.

Tip 3: Keep It Together

Always wash or dry clean your suit separates - like the jack and pants - together. Washing at different frequencies will lead the color to vary between each item. Spot treat suits, freshen with Fabric Fresh Classic, or steam between wears, washes, and visits to the dry cleaner. For our how-to on caring for suits at home, click here.

Tip 4: Protect Your Pits

Yellow underarm stains are the pits and even though they're stubborn to remove, they?re never there to stay. Keep stains at bay by pretreating before each wash with Stain Solution. Even when a stain is not visible, they can creep up over time as a result of perspiration, body oils, and deodorant. For existing stains, apply Stain Solution and sprinkle All-Purpose Bleach Alternative on top to create a paste. Work the paste into the area using the Stain Brush. Let sit for 5 minutes, then soak the top in a mixture of All-Purpose Bleach Alternative and hot water. Repeat the process as necessary before machine washing with your favorite Laundress detergent.

Tip 5: Be an Air Dry Guy

Keep your denim in tip top shape for years to come by avoiding the dryer at all costs. Line drying prevents fading, fraying and extra wear and tear. It’s not necessary to wash denim after each wear. In fact, steaming helps remove bacteria and Fabric Fresh Classic can keep your denim smelling fresh between wears.

Tip 6: Tie One On

Never machine wash ties as the structured elements inside can become dislodged while laundering. Instead, freshen up ties by spritzing with your favorite Laundress Fabric Fresh spray. The antibacterial properties add a light scent while eliminating odors. The spray is also great for quickly deodorizing sneakers, gym bags, outerwear, and luggage.