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How To Wash A Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are here to stay. Typically offered in weights ranging from 15-25 pounds, snuggling up under one is like being enveloped in a comforting, anxiety-reducing, sleep-promoting cloud, a welcome reprieve during a time of such unrest and confusion. You could say it feels like a great, big, bear hug from grandma, and feeling like you’re receiving a continuous embrace from someone you love is particularly nice when limiting face to face social interaction! With their growing popularity, purchasing and experiencing the myriad of benefits of a weighted blanket is quite simple; washing it and keeping it fresh is a tiny bit more complicated. Not to stress (no one needs any more of that): Our foolproof guide is right here.

Weigh Your Options

Blankets that weigh more than 20 pounds should be taken to a laundromat to be washed in a commercial-size machine. That’s because washing in your at home machine could lead to wear and tear and damage. (Hard. Pass.) If your blanket is under 20 pounds, go ahead and wash it in your washing machine, by itself, using a delicate wash cycle, low spin, and a gentle detergent formula like Delicate Wash. If your blanket is knit or made with faux fur, shearling, down, or natural fibers, opt for Wool & Cashmere Shampoo. Before washing, be sure to treat any stains with Stain Solution (for color-rich stains like yellowing, coffee, tea, wine, blood*, and fruit) or Wash & Stain Bar (for oil-based stains like makeup).

*For blood stains, be careful to only use cool or cold water. Hot water will set in the stain.

Dry Like This

Dry on low heat and low spin until completely dry. You can also add in a few Wool Dryer Balls to fluff and soften and speed up the drying process. Another option is to allow it to air dry outside (drape over a balcony or deck railing) or over a sturdy shower curtain.

Keep The Peace

If you place a weighted blanket on top of your duvet cover and sleep with it in a way so that it does not come in direct contact with your skin, you can get away with washing your weighted blanket every couple of months or so. However, if your blanket touches your skin nightly or a pet sleeps on top of it, we’d suggest laundering monthly. In between washes, spot treat stains and odors with Wash & Stain Bar and a damp Lint-Free Cleaning Cloths. Once the stain has lifted, wipe away excess soap and remove moisture completely with a dry cloth to avoid water marks. Freshen up and deodorize with Fabric Fresh Classic (for a clean laundry scent) or Fabric Fresh Baby (our soothing vanilla and lavender fragrance).