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How To Laundry Tips for City Living

Big city, small laundry room (or no laundry room at all) – Cramped quarters don't have to cramp your style – you can still get your wash on without sending it out. Here's how.

handwashing a garment

Tip 1:
Wash & Wear

No washing machine? No sweat. Whether it's swimwear from last weekend's getaway, today's smelly workout gear, or a silk top for this Friday's date, handwashing in the Wash Basin or sink a la John Mayer is the quickest way to get something clean.

clothes hanging on a drying rack

Tip 2:
Air it Out

Utilize a compact drying rack to hang your items after washing. Air drying helps preserve the fibers of your clothes and the environment.

hand steaming a garment

Tip 3:
Get Steamy

With no space for an ironing board, handheld steamers will be your friend when a wrinkly situation presents itself. Short on time? The Crease Release is a quick fix that easily removes moderate wrinkles from clothing. Just spritz and smooth.

hand spraying fabric fresh on jeans

Tip 4:
Freshen Up

In fact, over-laundering may compromise the lifespan of many pieces like denim, wool, and cashmere. Learn 5 ways to freshen garments between washing and wearing.

model holding hamper tote

Tip 5:
Bag It

Stash dirty laundry in the chic Laundry Bag through the week. Come weekend, you can easily haul your load to the laundromat.