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How To Clean Crystal

the laundress glass & mirror cleaner

Crystal Candle Holders

First, remove any wax drips from candle holders by using a dull plastic scraper or the edge of a wooden tool, like our Dish Brush. For tough wax spots, try the freezer trick! Carefully place the candle holder in the freezer for up to an hour, remove, then promptly chip away the wax with a plastic or wooden scraper and a gentle hand. Next, polish using a Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth spritzed with our unscented Glass & Mirror Cleaner. This plant-derived formula is completely streakless and it’s free from harsh ammonia or dyes. For cloudiness that just won’t quit, try soaking the candle holders in a Wash Tub Basin filled with warm water and ½-1 cup of Scented Vinegar for about 5 minutes before rinsing and polishing with a Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth. The vinegar will dissolve residue and buildup on your crystal item and reveal a beautiful gleam.

Pro Tip: Our Lint-Free Cleaning Cloths are designed to work well upon first use, but kind of like your favorite T-shirt, they get softer and more absorbent upon washing. We recommend laundering on a warm to hot temperature with 1-2 capfuls of Whites Detergent, and drying at a medium to low temperature with Dryer Balls to achieve optimal texture for home cleaning purposes.

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Crystal Glassware

Our number one cleaning tip for crystal glassware of any kind, from rocks glasses to champagne flutes, is to never put them in the dishwasher: The agitation and extreme heat can crack and damage these fragile and precious items, so it’s important to take the time to clean them by hand. If you’re not up for deep cleaning glasses immediately after a meal, do a quick post-dinner rinse with warm water to prevent staining, then tackle them when you have more time.

the laundress dish detergent

Once you’re ready to wash, grab Dish Detergent and the Glass & Crystal Cleaning Brush. Our unscented Dish Detergent is formulated with a high percentage of active ingredients that work on contact to remove greasy fingerprints, lipstick stains, ring marks, and grime. Glass & Crystal Cleaning Brush is the perfect complement to the Dish Detergent formula, ideal for getting into tricky grooves and crevices but gentle enough to prevent scratching. For extra cloudy glasses or tough water spots, presoak in a Wash Basin filled with warm water and a cup or two of Scented Vinegar for a few minutes, then wipe dry with a Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth. Next, rinse and polish immediately with a clean Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth.

the laundress glass & crystal cleaning brush

Pro Tip: For an extra layer of protection against cracks, line the bottom of your sink or basin with a rag or Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth before filling with your soaking solution. Always take care not to overfill your space with glassware, and work in batches if needed.

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These light fixtures are as delicate and beautiful as icicles, so grab a gentle Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth to clean them! These reusable cotton cloths will softly latch onto dust particles, and whisk them away,  leaving clean surfaces behind. Regularly dusting—ideally on a weekly basis—will keep dust and allergens at bay. For tougher spots, like candle smoke or dirt marks on crystal sconces, spritz with Glass & Mirror Cleaner and wipe by hand with a Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth.

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Crystal Decor

From paperweights to holiday baubles, crystal ornaments are stunning touches in the home. As with chandeliers, regular dusting helps to keep the need for deeper cleaning at bay. For ornaments, we love using the Goat Hair Duster Wand. The dense bristles grab dust particles with ease, leaving behind clean, scratch-free surfaces. The smaller surface area of the duster is easier to control when cleaning delicate decorative objects like picture frames and figurines and helps prevent items from getting knocked over. For a deeper clean, swipe items with our streak-free Glass & Mirror Cleaner and a Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth.

Shop Solutions: Goat Hair Duster Wand, Glass & Mirror Cleaner, Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth

the laundress goat hair duster wand