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Crease Release vs. Stiffen Up

When it comes to achieving the perfect finish, using the right tools and know-how make all the difference. Both the Crease Release and Stiffen Up are finishing tools that freshen, add scent, and leave items wrinkle-free, but each possesses its own set of unique benefits. Read this guide to finesse the finish and know exactly which product to reach for!

Crease Release

Need to look polished in a pinch? This quick fix easily removes moderate wrinkles from clothing and fabrics without the need for ironing. The Classic scent offers the added benefit of freshening at the same time. 


  • Time-saving
  • Removes wrinkles at home and on-the-go
  • Eases ironing by helping release wrinkles
  • Freshens items between washes 

Works Especially Well for:

  • T-shirts and blouses
  • Suits
  • Skirts
  • Home furnishings
  • Travel
  • Cotton, linen, silk, woolens, and blends 

How to Use:

Spray the item from 6 inches away and gently pat the item to release the wrinkles. Hang or lay flat in its natural shape.

Stiffen Up

Who doesn't love slipping into perfectly pressed sheets at night? The Stiffen Up creates a satisfyingly crisp finish for cotton and linen items. Unlike grocery store-brand starches, our fresh-scented, non-aerosol spray is formulated to avoid buildup while adding a light to moderate hold. 


  • Provides body to fabrics
  • Avoids buildup and flaking
  • Reduces time spent ironing
  • Creates a higher resistance to wrinkling and soiling 

Works Best On:

  • Dress shirts
  • Dress pants
  • Table linens
  • Sheets and pillow covers
  • Cotton, linen, and durable synthetics (such as polyester) 

For Best Results:

While pressing or steaming, spray items from 6 inches away to add stiffness. Do not use on silk, wool, or delicate synthetics (such as rayon). 

Tip: Do not store items that have been starched, as starch attracts bugs! Learn how to properly prepare items for storage here.