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How To Clean The Ice Maker

Often overlooked, the ice maker is an area of your home that should be cleaned regularly as food particles and crumbs can find their way inside. We recommend cleaning your ice maker four times per year to keep things fresh. There's no need to worry about The Laundress products coming into contact with food-related surfaces, all of our products are plant-derived. Of course, you'll want to wipe and rinse surfaces properly, so cleaners don't compromise the taste of your ice.

Grab These Go-To Cleaners: Dish Detergent, Surface Cleaner, Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth, Scented Vinegar, All-Purpose Bleach Alternative, Scrub Brush

Ice Maker Machine

  • Turn off the ice maker using the mechanism inside the machine or, if possible, unplug the ice maker to ensure that no ice is made and falls during the cleaning process.

  • Remove the ice or empty the ice basin. Use hot water to remove large pieces of frozen ice or ice stuck to the ice bin. If your ice bin is not able to be removed from the machine, use a dull knife or other utensil to pick away at the ice.

  • If the ice bin was removed during the cleaning process, reinstall. Plug in or turn on the machine, and run the ice maker through a cleaning cycle. Dump the ice that results from this cycle, refill the machine with clean water, and run a second cycle. Dump the ice again, and reattach your water supply to finish.

Freezer Ice Maker

  • Lift the ice maker "power" bar. This bar will lift automatically once the ice bin is full, stopping the machine from making more ice until put back into place. If there is no "power" bar, find the on/off switch at the back of the machine and turn it off.

  • Remove the ice bin by sliding out like a shelf or by lifting up and out, and dump the ice into the sink. If ice is stuck to the bin or frozen in large pieces, fill the bin with hot water to remove.

  • Wash your ice storage bin using the Dish Detergent and hot water. Use the Scrub Brush to remove and debris or residue that may have found its way in there.

  • Give all areas one last wipe down The Laundress Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth to ensure both are dry and turn the ice maker back on.