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Jersey-washing Techniques? You Only Need One.

Wondering how to wash a jersey in a way that completely banishes sweat stains and smells? The key is using the right detergent! Too simple to be true? Try our specialized Sport Detergent and you?ll never look back to those stinky times again. Performance fabrics need a special touch to get truly clean, and we?ve created a formula that delivers. From cotton to nylon, spandex, and other synthetics, The Laundress Sport Detergent will have them smelling fresher than ever, easily lifting sweat stains and eliminating body odors. Smell great while staying in top shape!

How to Clean a Jersey the Right Way

Seeing sweat stains linger after a wash cycle can be frustrating. Ditch chemical-laden laundry detergents and learn how to clean a jersey the right way. Give the Sport Detergent a try! This formula is specially made to fight the toughest of stains. For true doozies, we offer a Stain Solution that can work out old, set-in stains. If you?ve got a laundry problem, we?ve got a solution. We love laundry and we want to share that passion with our customers. You can clean it, and we can help!

Sports jerseys can be as stinky as it gets, and if you?re ready for a clean where you can really smell the difference, wash your jerseys with Sport Detergent.