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How To Remove Pen Stains

Removing Pen and Ink Stains Can Be Difficult, But It's Not Impossible

Pen and ink stains come in all levels of severity. For a simple pen line drawn onto furniture upholstery or rugs, work the Stain Solution directly into the stain. Next use the Wash & Stain Bar together with the Stain Solution and tepid water. Work the bar until the stain disappears. Blot the area with a damp cloth until the suds are gone and then blot with a dry towel.

Make Pen Marks Disappear with The Laundress – if the stain is more pervasive and soaked in, you'll need to create a stain-fighting superpower by joining two of our products together. If the pen is on cotton, linen or durable synthetic clothing you should start by making a paste from Stain Solution and All-Purpose Bleach Alternative and use a brush to work it into the stained area. Approach the fabric from both sides. If the stain persists, repeat, or let it soak in a hot bath of water with more All-Purpose Bleach Alternative for 30 minutes. Then launder as usual.

Whatever your ink-tastrophe, stain fighters from The Laundress can remove pen marks and leave your clothes clean and fresh.