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How To Remove Odor From Clothes

Remove Odor from Clothes with The Laundress

Do you ever wash your clothes, only to find a few days out of the dryer they still have an unpleasant odor? While grocery store brands use heavy perfumes to mask the odor, they don't completely remove it at the source. Whether it's your workout clothes or a work blouse, The Laundress has ways to help eliminate odor from your clothing using plant-derived stain-fighting enzymes.

Beyond its plant-derived detergents that effectively clean and deodorize, The Laundress has several other products that can tackle the toughest odors. Our Scented Vinegar works hard against smelly situations.

We recommend soaking the offending garments in the hottest water appropriate for the fabric, with a capful of Scented Vinegar. You can also add Scented Vinegar to the wash for a deodorizing boost. Additionally, our All-Purpose Bleach Alternative is a chlorine-free formula that removes dirt, stains and odors. Similarly, it can be used in a pre-soak and added to the wash.

In order to truly remove odor from your clothes, you need to solve the build-up issue. Use our Stain Solution and All-Purpose Bleach Alternative mixed to create a paste and worked into the stained area, especially underarm areas, with the Stain Brush. Let the garment soak in a basin with hot water for at least an hour – you can also add a capful of Scented Vinegar to help deodorize.