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Cleaning Tile Floors

Our All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate Is Your Go-To for All Floor Cleaning Needs

We bet you have a whole area of your house dedicated to corralling your cleaning products. You have one cleaner for your granite countertops, one for your tile floor cleaning, three for your bathroom alone, one for the hardwoods? It gets complicated and expensive! That's why The Laundress decided to create a product so safe and versatile that you can use it practically everywhere. Our All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate is powerful and leaves every surface clean and every room smelling great. It is simply the best tile floor cleaner liquid for deep cleaning your tile floors.

Just add two capfuls of the concentrate to a bucket of hot water, and you can clean any flooring. Formulated with plant-derived surfactants, a grease-cutting agent and mineral-derived cleaning enhancers to ensure this concentrate can tackle the most used and trafficked areas of your home. It's easy to get more done since you can move seamlessly from one job to the next – this cleaner is safe and effective for all surfaces. The essential oils and fragrance make it unlike any of the grocery store cleaners you might already own – the light, fresh scent will linger and remind you of the deep clean for days. And the best part? You can simplify your life and clear out all those other cleaners cluttering the space under your cabinet.