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Denim Wash Keeps Jeans Soft & Preserves Color

The best denim detergent is one that was made for denim, and we've got the perfect denim wash for you! The Laundress Denim Wash was formulated specifically to keep jeans and denim pieces feeling soft and looking their best. This detergent preserves color while softening fabric so you can wear your jeans again and again without experiencing fading. Keep this wardrobe staple looking newer longer and enjoy the way they look and smell. Our Denim Wash is scented in the Classic scent which blends lily of the valley, sweet musk, jasmine, citrus, and sandalwood for a uniquely fresh and appealing scent.

Wash Your Denim with the Best

Denim goes far beyond blue jeans. From your favorite jean jacket to your denim button-down shirts, our Denim Wash has you covered. The best laundry soap for denim will preserve your favorite denim pieces and keep them looking like new much longer than your average chemical-laden laundry detergent from the grocery store. The Laundress has crafted a laundry detergent just for denim, and we've done so without sacrificing the health of the environment or our customers. So the next time you wash your denim, toss the chemical solutions aside and treat yourself and your jeans to a laundry detergent made just for denim.

Give your blue jeans the attention they deserve after so much wear! Try our Denim Wash.