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How To Wash Silk At Home Easily

You may not know how to wash silk, and maybe you've always shipped your silk items off to the dry cleaner as per their care labels, but breaking news, people: you can actually clean and wash silk at home by hand or washing machine. Just follow our non-scary, so ridiculously do-able guide.

To wash & clean silk clothing, you’ll need these tools: Delicate Wash, Stain Solution, Delicate Spray

It’s also a good idea to keep these items on hand: Scented Vinegar, Wash & Stain Bar, Mesh Bag Bundle, Stain Brush


While a silk garment is washable with the right silk detergent, it's important to note that this fabric commonly bleeds and can potentially stain other items in the wash. Or if a single silk garment consists of two or more colors, bleeding when washing silk for the first time can occur. This is normal and will not result in color loss at the end of the wash process. To test for color bleeding, find an inconspicuous area on the item, such as a hem, and dip it in luke warm water. If dye releases into the water, you'll know that bleeding would occur if washed. If you discover that an item bleeds during the test, simply take your silk to the dry cleaners. Or, if the garment is a solid color, wash it alone. It's also important to note that some smooth finishes may be textured after washing.


Stain-Free In Seconds: Treat stains with Stain Solution or the Wash & Stain Bar by applying it directly to stains and susceptible areas like underarms, necklines, and cuffs. Stain Solution removes color-rich stains like juice and wine, while the Wash & Stain Bar tackles oil-based spills.

Odors: Mix ¼ cup of Scented Vinegar with cool water and presoak the item for 30 minutes.


Handwashing is the gentlest way to clean and preserve the integrity of silk!

Put It In Reverse: Prepare to wash by turning the item inside out. Wash with the same or like colors only.

Draw A Bath: Add two capfuls or a squirt of Delicate Wash to a washbasin or sink filled with cool water.

Go Under: Submerge your item and gently agitate the water with your hand to evenly distribute soap and water. Soak for up to 30 minutes.

Rinse Clear: Run cool water through items until rinse water is no longer soapy. Do not wring. Instead, gently press the water out of your item between your hands or against the sink.

Note: If there is color in the water, don’t worry! This is normal and it is simply the yarn releasing dye. You will not notice any loss of color in the fabric when you are finished.


When washing in the machine, we recommend removing silks promptly after the cycle is complete to reduce wrinkles.

Bag It: Turn item inside out and place it in a Mesh Bag Bundle to protect it in the machine.

Select Your Wash Cycle: Select the delicate cycle on your washing machine and make sure the water temperature is cold and the spin is on low. Add Delicate Wash considering the machine type and load size.


No-Rush Drying: Lay the item flat in its natural shape on a drying rack or hang to dry. If hanging to dry, be sure to position the item properly on the hanger to prevent stretching.

Wrinkle-Free: Steam to remove wrinkles and rejuvenate the natural luster after washing. This will achieve the perfect finish! Don’t have a steamer handy? Use an iron set to the “steam” setting, hovering over the item – do not make contact.

Stay Fresh: To freshen between washes, spritz with Delicate Spray. This versatile formula has antibacterial properties that adds scent while removing odor.