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8 Reasons To Use Wool Dryer Balls

Think of Dryer Balls as dryer sheet’s eco-conscious, sustainable, hardworking older sister. They soften fabrics, reduce wrinkling, and speed up dry time, but without any of the harsh chemicals and synthetic, unrecyclable materials. Oh, and they couldn’t be easier to use: Just toss them in the dryer with your laundry. Here, 8 reasons why they should be mainstays in your laundry room.

1. Free Of Additives

Unlike traditional softeners and wasteful dryer sheets, our Dryer Balls are made from wool, and that’s it. No dyes, fragrances, chemicals, or questionable stuff.

2. Makes Your Fabrics Oh So Soft

Because they agitate the fibers in the dryer, they prevent stiffness and make fabrics feel soft to the touch without coating them in synthetic softeners and fragrances like dryer sheets do.

3. Fluffs Up Fibers

Their round shapes prevent laundry from clumping in the dryer and help smooth out wrinkling, too.

4. Helps Dry Your Clothes Faster

These guys retain heat, meaning they they speed up dry time by up to 25% so you won?t have to run the dryer as long. (Less energy waste, yay!)

5. They Nix Static

By absorbing and retaining moisture in the drum, wool balls increase humidity and reduces annoying static cling.

6. Lasts For Ages

Use them over and over. You'll know it's time to replace them when they begin to unravel. For perspective, think of how many dryer sheets you'd go through every time you did a load of laundry! Multiply that by every family on planet earth and that's a lot of dryer sheets in a landfill!

7. Customize Your Own Scent

Pair these with our plant-based fabric conditioner in your favorite scent for the softest, fluffiest fabrics ever.
Alternatively, just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil directly to the dyer balls before tossing them in the dryer. Mmmm?

8. They're Hand-Crafted

Our wool dryer balls are sourced from family-operated Mountain Meadow Wool Mill in Wyoming, a company dedicated to revitalizing the American wool industry through eco-friendly operations and fair prices for ranchers. They?re made from a natural wool fiber that is a by-product of the yarn making process.