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54 Uses For All-Purpose Bleach Alternative

Our All-Purpose Bleach Alternative can be used in place of regular chlorine bleach to remove dirt, grime, dinginess and achieve brilliantly bright, clean results. While other bleaches are made with hydrogen peroxide and may contain blue dye, the All-Purpose Bleach Alternative is a sodium percarbonate, chlorine-free oxygen bleach that has no artificial dye and is fragrance-free and light color safe. 

To use this home and laundry powerhouse, combine a capful or two with hot water, then roll up your sleeves and read on for everything it can clean.

  1. Use it as a presoak or add to a long, hot wash cycle with detergent (try Signature Detergent or Whites Detergent)  to remove dullness and dinginess from white and light colored clothes.  
  2. Brighten and remove dirt from tennis shoes, shoe laces, and sandals made from rubber, plastic, and durable fabrics like cotton canvas and synthetics. Work it in with our Stain Brush.
  3. Lift coffee stains from countertops. 
  4. Remove rich stains from food or beverage spills. Make a paste with All-Purpose Bleach Alternative and Stain Solution and apply directly to areas. 
  5. Remove ring around the collar stains on oxford shirts
  6. Remove pit stains, old and new with Stain Solution 
  7. Deodorize litter boxes during cleanup
  8. Remove and deodorize pet stains on white or light-colored carpets
  9. Brighten, whiten, and clean walls and baseboards 
  10. Clean and remove rust from irons  and clean mold and grime from your steamer’s water reservoir
  11. Freshen carpets and carpet padding. Sprinkle, allow to sit for 30 minutes then vacuum 
  12. Renew stained upholstery
  13. Freshen and remove stains from curtains and sheers
  14. Clean soot from fireplaces
  15. Mop extra-dirty floors made of brick, tile, linoleum, and hardwood. Be sure to dissolve in hot water and add a capful of All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate).
  16. Clean and refresh mattresses: Pour evenly on top, allow to soak for 30 minutes and vacuum 
  17. Brighten and renew dingy washcloths, dish and mop rags
  18. Destain tupperware food containers 
  19. Revive and deodorize the interior and exterior of musty washing machines: run a long, hot load empty of laundry with All-Purpose Bleach Alternative and Scented Vinegar added directly to the drum. 
  20. Freshen smelly mattresses
  21. Remedy water marks on white upholstery
  22. Deep clean cutting boards
  23. Freshen garbage disposals and trash cans
  24. De-stain plastic kitchenware
  25. De-stain coffee pots
  26. Remove food stains from Tupperware
  27. Brighten and deodorize kitchen counters
  28. Add to the dishwasher to deep clean the machine. Add Scented Vinegar to the detergent dispenser and sprinkle All-Purpose Bleach Alternative to the bottom of the machine and run a hot, long cycle empty of dishes. 
  29. Remove baked-on, burned messes from cookware
  30. Clean and degrease oven racks
  31. Clean cooktops
  32. Rid glassware of streaks
  33. Polish and remove stains from porcelain sinks and tubs
  34. Unclog drains by mixing with Scented Vinegar and running hot water 
  35. Lift surface mold and mildew from tile
  36. Brighten bathroom tiles
  37. Clean bathroom grout
  38. Flush septic tanks
  39. Soak shower curtains in a bath of hot water to remove mildew
  40. Decalcify shower heads and faucets 
  41. Remove tough grime and mineral buildup from windows
  42. Clean toilet bowls
  43. Remove soap scum from granite, marble, porcelain, acrylic, and fiberglass
  44. Deep clean reusable water bottles
  45. Brighten baby clothing and bedding
  46. Deodorize diaper bins
  47. Kill garden weeds
  48. Clean concrete
  49. Clean wood fencing and brighten bricks by dissolving in hot water and scrubbing with Scrub Brush
  50. Clean lawn and outdoor furniture
  51. Clean and deodorize coolers
  52. Clean outdoor cushions including boat cushions 
  53. Remove algae growth and grime from birdbaths
  54. Clean the microwave, oven, and other appliances