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Washing Service

All The Tips & Tools You Need...

As of Monday, November 24th, we will no longer offer our washing service. While we have truly enjoyed caring for your clothing, linens, and even stuffed animals over the years, we are confident that with our tools and instructions you can care for your items in true Laundress fashion in your own home! After all, we’ve developed our detergents, fabric care, and easy step-by-step laundering instructions just for you.

Need assistance choosing the perfect product or recommendations for washing that valuable vintage piece? We’re glad to walk you through the process! Call us at 212-209-0074 or email us at with all of your laundering questions.

A little taste of our How To's & Ask The Laundress Q&A...

Eco-friendly Detergents Make for a Cleaner Wardrobe and Lifestyle

Today’s consumers are more vigilant than ever in understanding what ingredients go into their products, and what effects those ingredients have on their bodies. Take dry cleaning, for example. The highly toxic chemicals used to dry clean your clothing not only leech into your skin when you wear treated items, but they negatively impact the environment, too.

Here at The Laundress, we’ve designed our product line around creating a healthy, nontoxic alternative to the typical chemical-laden detergents that fill grocery store shelves. You can feel great in your clothes while lessening toxic impact on our planet.